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Who am I?

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Who Am I

Here is some insight into what made me who I am today & why I am so passionate about the Mind & Body.

Growing up I was always held to a high standard by everyone around me – Always a “walk it off, toughen up, disciplined mentality.” (which created strengths I am thankful for). In my teenage years, this caused me to rebel – fake ID & bar star at a young age.

At the age of 16 – kicked out. Survival mode engaged. I had already been working full-time after school, in-between sporting events & on the weekends for a few years at that point. Thankfully I had a solid support system through sports, teachers, loving Aunt & Uncle + amazing friends.

I never ended up in the wrong crowds, older crowds yes – drinking and having sex at a young age, yes – but always surrounded by people with good hearts.

Post High school/ high school sweetheart – I was an impulsive mess. – Blaming my dad for everything when in retrospect I created my reality through the decisions I made. The reality is, he did not know how to love me through my teenage years.

I don’t blame him, after going through a divorce myself – I understand he was trying to rebuild himself after post-divorce & create a healthy new marriage +  relationship with his two stepkids. ( My father & I are now good friends)

Regular gym routine, Education, self development (books, therapy)  having my sister close  & friendships with good people are what kept me together. Well aware I had some internal work to do – but always made the most out of the hand I was dealt. ” Focus on what you have, not what you lack & you will have more.”

During my healing process, I met my ex. I Fell head over heels for his pretty words. Blinded by words, I fell in love hard – His family was very welcoming (my ideal picture perfect). The honeymoon phase lasted 2.5 years- during that time we got married. A destination wedding – my family declined their invitations -The fact my family declined their invitations should have opened my eyes to reality – but it didn’t. I chose to learn things the hard way. 

By year 3 of our relationship my rose-colored glasses started to become transparent. I began seeing the red flags I may have overlooked -the ones my friends warned me about. (sometimes we aren’t ready to hear what people who care the most have to say).

Toxic/ abusive, controlling behaviors – Posting how much he cared on social media – tearing me down behind closed doors. -To try to please him – I cut off friends, I cooked, I cleaned even changed the way I dressed.

In this relationship, I lost myself, my identity & my voice. I fucked myself out of my own happiness trying to be with someone who wasn’t happy with themselves & projected on to me. 

I honestly thought it was my fault he was so angry & unhappy – I was certain there was something wrong with me. I began to prioritize reading self help books to figure it out.

I obsessed over working out as an outlet- craving something to have control over- entered in to the bodybuilding community – Took home 1st place at my first competition- provincials – competed at the Arnolds international bodybuilding festival- Alberta Open. Bodybuilding gave me control over my own mind & body- I loved it – I watched how every decision I made impact my Mind & Body.

I meditated, journaled, performed yoga 2-3 times a week throughout my entire prep for the Alberta Open. I had complete control over my mind & body. If I was feeling off, I knew exactly what to do to balance myself – Tunnel vision activated – 1st in my class and overall.  

During this time, I was managing a gym and was also awarded top club 2018-2019 in the Edmonton region. 

This is confirmed regardless of the circumstances – It all starts with our mind. To prioritize our mental well-being & state of mind truly carries over into every other aspect of life.

The circumstance does not define us – our decisions define us.

 The relationship ended via text message – on his way back from vacation telling me It was over & I had to be out of the house by 8 pm that evening. 

I was sun tanning on the deck with a girlfriend when I received that message. God bless her soul that I did not have to go through that alone.

I grabbed a few things and left the house and everything in it.-in my mind it was unnecessary baggage that was all replaceable. Days after, I found out about another woman – later found out from his dad he had knocked her up.

I think I spent most of the month crying & drinking every night to numb myself. (was never alone god bless my beautiful roommate at the time) – Not much time went by before I began to realize the internal peace I had gained by being removed from an abusive, toxic relationship. It did not take me long to realize everything happens for a reason.

I acknowledged I was broken & began to obsess over self-improvement – endless reading to learn skills from people who had seen success – getting back into daily meditation, which helps me calm my mind, focus on my breath, and set my intention – journaling to track my thought process & create awareness of my Mind & Body -self-talk to reprogram my thinking after abuse –  solo trips to force myself into uncomfortable situations to grow – hours working out after 8–10-hour shifts. I was my own project.

I was not going to let what he did define me. I needed to rebuild myself, find my rhythm & my voice again. Man, that sure sounds nice on paper.

I remember how hard it was to even go to the grocery store alone when this all unfolded, to sleep in a bed alone again after 6 years of having someone. Regardless there was daily struggles for a few months – Thankfully I already had survival skills.

 Living alone & being a workaholic, did not give myself much time to truly be alone.  Covid-19 shutdowns forced me to be completely alone. 

This allowed me to dive deep into myself, my pain, my trauma. – I cried, I thought I knew who I was before – that was a lie.

The 3-month shutdown was the best thing that could have happened to me. It gave me an opportunity to ask myself questions – get to know myself, visualize the future I want. During this period I spent a lot of time alone in the mountains.

They taught me a lot about myself. I’ve done solo trips many times but conquering a mountain alone, after someone broke you – is the most empowering feeling. It teaches you; you need to have your own back & as a human you are capable.

If you don’t feel well you won’t do well – it all starts with our minds. The more you prioritize your mind the rest will follow.

Once regulations were lifted, I recognized my associates/ team were not filling their own cups before they tried filling their clients – I coached my personal beliefs & mentality into my Team – 2018- 2020 the fitness club I managed was the top club in the Edmonton region almost every month, post 1st round of shut-downs top in Western Canada for a few months. During this time –  personally squatted 315lbs, front squatted 225lbs and deadlifted 315 –  These are all prime examples of how quality starts with your mindset.

Mind & Body by Temple is more than an online coaching business. To me, it is years of struggles I’ve overcome, and skills I’ve developed through personal experience, education, applied knowledge + more – I want to help enhance the quality of lives around me. 

It comes down to mindset & the decisions we make.

Mind & Body by Temple is about creating the healthiest life possible. Starting with the power of our mind & body. This isn’t a job for me- this is a passion & you bet your ass I’m going to go the extra mile to get my clients to where they want to be. 

My vision is to empower clients to create the healthiest life possible. Through workouts, nutrition & lifestyle coaching. You are worth it. 

The quality of our life depends on the quality of our Mind & Body & I don’t know about you, but I refuse to settle for anything less than quality. 

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