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Is HUNGER getting the best of you?

Ladies, how many times have you felt irritable & you’re not sure why?  Does this sound like you? Take a moment & read this article.  No one enjoys being irritable. Our mind & body send us signals when something is off or unbalanced. It’s important to listen to what our body is trying to telling […]

Squats > Deadlifts

Here is my logical explanation as to why squats should be the first compound movement introduced into an individual’s program. Why?  Common sense, every individual squats. Getting in and out of the vehicle – it’s a squat Sitting in a chair- it’s a squat Using the toilet – you’re squatting. Did you know 60-80% of […]

F*** the Scale

Truth is, the scale can be deceiving. This is a sensitive topic & often we get caught up with the scale is telling us. How many times have you experienced jumping on the scale after working out consistently & eating clean over a period of time with no movement on the scale? The truth is, […]

What is your Gut Microbiome telling you?

Did you know Gut- health plays a vital role in our Mind & Body’s wellness.        Our gut is the “second brain” of our bodies. It’s responsible for nutrient absorption, hormone production and immune response. Our brain connects to our gut through a part of the nervous system. (the enteric nervous system.) Inflamed Gut Biome signals […]

Quick fixes are not the answer for sustainable weightloss

Mind & Body by Temple Nutrition Philosophy based off the facts. Quick fixes are bullshit, resulting in weight-loss rollercoasters.  Mind & Body by Temple is about creating sustainable long-term results without negatively impacting your health. Weightloss is a marathon, not a sprint. Mind & Body by Temple focuses on strengthening the relationship with the mind […]

Ladies, what are your feet and toes telling you?

Do you struggle with balance? Maybe even coordination? This article may add value to you. As women there is an expectation of having visually appealing feet. More often than not, we force our feet into uncomfortable shoes to turn up our sex appeal. How many times have you worn high heels for long periods of […]

Let’s talk Booty – Glute training

Ugly Booty vs. Pleasantly plump Booty Too often we see “influencers” on social media posting workout videos & not  squeezing their glutes while performing exercises.  Yes, a pleasantly plump booty is more appealing to the eye. But if the video’s intent is to teach and educate those watching -we need to make sure the exercise […]

Who am I?

Who Am I

Here is some insight into what made me who I am today & why I am so passionate about the Mind & Body. Growing up I was always held to a high standard by everyone around me – Always a “walk it off, toughen up, disciplined mentality.” (which created strengths I am thankful for). In […]


Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better.

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Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better.

Have personal training Questions? Coaching or Nutrition questions? We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!

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